Duo with 35 years experience

YFP Design is the innovation arm of YFP Holdings LLC.  We focus on improving both consumer products and web software in order to solve real world problems.

Our 35 years of combined experience includes software startups, professional services such as law and real estate, enterprise solutions, e-commerce / FBA, and beyond.

Working together over the past 15 years we have designed dozens of products for, or in conjunction with, brands like Oracle, RiteAid, The University of South Florida, UPS, Hungry Howies, Universal Studios, and many more.


Commercial Success

Commercial Success

Patents, $1 Million+, Acquisitions

Aside from simply creating these solutions for the many well-known brands, several that we’ve designed and implemented have become a commercial success by either generating at least $1 million dollars in revenue, been issued a patent, and/or have eventually been acquired.

Our Approach

Open Innovation & Customer Development

Nobody will pay you to solve a non-existent problem. 

Through open innovation and customer-led development, we are committed to starting each project with problems the end user faces, in order to design a solution that actually meets their needs and generates revenue for the stakeholders.

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